How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make In Texas? We Explain!

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make In Texas

To answer the question of how much does a real estate agent make in Texas, we don’t need to look far. The first result that pops up is a 2021 statistic from Indeed that says they earn an average of $94,031 per year and newbies can earn up to $83,500 annually.

Real estate agents earn a decent salary but annual business expenses, including brokerage fees, account for the disparity in these numbers. A majority of real estate agents will choose to enter into an agreement with a brokerage, paying them a portion of their commissions and paying fees on top of that in exchange for marketing, administrative, and legal services and protections that the brokerages provide them. To add more salt to their wounds real estate agents need to pay for taxes, health care, and other business expenses as well. In this article, we look at the number of other factors that will affect what a real estate agent makes in a year. 

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make In Texas? (Town Breakdown)

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make In Texas (On Average)?

While real estate agents work hard, their success in selling a house largely depends on how much work they put in. The real estate market in Texas is booming and is particularly strong according to 2021 housing forecasts that predict it is not about to change. According to data gathered by Indeed, the Texas state salary is an average of $94 031 per year as of August 2021. 

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make in Austin?

Real estate agents there are currently making an average of $91,851 per year in Austin as the real estate market here is arguably one of the strongest in the country. 

With the influx of big tech employers, Austin has experienced more than 373% higher population growth over the last ten years, than the national average, thanks to the draw of an attractive lifestyle. 

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make in San Antonio?

Real estate agents in San Antonio are currently making an average of $89,976 per year. 

Located just 80 miles south of Austin San Antonio’s growth is occurring at a slower but steady pace. As Austin becomes overcrowded, real estate agents in San Antonio’s real estate market can predict their salaries to rise up. 

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make in Corpus Christi?

Real estate agents in Corpus Christi are currently making an average of $96,670 per year. Known to be an amazing tourist city, real estate agents enjoy the beach life here and make money on the go.

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make in New Braunfels?

Real estate agents in New Braunfels are currently making an average of $91,079 per year. 

New Braunfels is experiencing a real estate boom of its own as it is located between the steady growth of Austin and San Antonio. The “small town” vibe here is decidedly more but it will grow more and more in years to come. 

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make in Temple-Belton?

Real estate agents in Temple make an average of $84,408 per year. And real estate agents in Belton currently reportedly bring in $82,000 per year, which is slightly less compared to Temple. 

The neighboring cities of Temple and Belton have a decidedly small-town atmosphere, but most real estate agents who work in this area tend to work across both of these communities as they are just neighbors located north of Austin in the heart of the Hill Country. 

What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

They are licensed professionals and industry experts who play the role of being an advocate as well as a guide for their clients to ensure the absolute best outcome for their real estate transaction.

Managerial functions: 

Incredibly, there is a huge volume of paperwork in this profession. Presenting offers, preparing contracts, detailing the characteristics of new properties and managing advertisements on free and paid real estate portals are some of the tasks and functions of a real estate agent.

No specific knowledge is needed for this paperwork, although it is advisable to know several things in advance:

Real estate taxes related to housing.

How to write contracts of sale and rent.

Rights and obligations of communities of owners.

What is legal when it comes to Urban leasing law and what is not.

Thankfully, Whatsapp and the internet, in general, have made the task of managing appointments and conversations with your clients much easier. Thanks to the websites for real estate, which in addition to making the life of the real estate agent easier, allows you to know your clients in-depth.

Real estate commercial functions:

In addition to paperwork, a large part of the agent’s time is consumed in visits to properties and dealing with clients. This means planning ahead about the client’s needs that allow you to optimize each exit from the agency.

Unfortunately, sometimes you will have to prioritize this commercial area over management or negotiation because without visits there are no sales, that’s just the way it is.

Another key commercial function is home staging. This technique makes visits turn into sales faster. They even manage to reduce cuts in negotiations by 15%, incredible!

Staging a home may be one among the daily tasks of an agent, but agents will most likely have to work with professionals in real estate. Many real estate agents end up having a portfolio of clients that they drag down when they change real estate.

This is because the commercial area is essential for them, and as they say in the sector “they know how to work with the client.”

Negotiating functions: 

This area is a work of art and the most effective real estate sales techniques are below:

CIMA model of real estate sales

SPIN method, situation, problem, implication and benefit

AIDA model is best suited to the real estate sector

Beyond the sales and negotiating, a real estate agent has to empathize. With empathy, you can put yourself in your client’s shoes and know how to give the solution to their specific needs and that is what will make you stand out.

Even after an agent plays all his cards in the negotiation process, that is, when signing the sale involves many hours, calls, and visits, tact and negotiation are still not a given. Yes they might spend 20-30% of their time on this function but all the responsibilities and tasks of an agent lead directly or indirectly to the crucial point, the sale. 

Precisely for this reason, the negotiation functions should include knowledge on how to define and qualify a client in the real estate sector!

In a negotiation, everyone must keep a lookout for possible confrontations that can be nipped in the bud, but a process of small agreements that culminates in the closing of the project is a way to compensate both parties.

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